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Anglia Car Charging
Driving Norfolk Business Green

Local Business leaders come out in force to drive their businesses’ green agenda!

Hosted by Anglia Car Charging in association with Lovewell Blake LLP and SaxonAir Charter Limited, ‘Driving Business Green’ took place at a hangar located in SaxonAir’s Norwich headquarters.

SaxonAir Hangar

Transport solutions that benefit business and the environment

Guests received valuable insight into how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint. They also had the opportunity to test drive some of the finest electric vehicles on the market.

EO Charging were on hand to demonstrate their charging products and the benefits that their energy management platforms bring to businesses’ revenue producing capabilities.

One of the best ways to get business leaders to lessen their fears and consider the benefits of installing EV (electric vehicle) charging points at their workplace and providing fleets for employees and visitors, is to put them in the driving seat. This way they can experience the fun side of an EV.

There are government grants available and backend software which provides additional revenue streams for those using the charge points. This event, however, has offered much more to those attending. It has turned into a gathering of local experts who are here to help, guide and support businesses in their endeavours to deliver their green agenda.”– Richard Seppings, Anglia Car ChargingAnglia Car Charging


Car manufacturers paving the way with ground-breaking green technology

Among those invited were a number of car manufacturers, who demonstrated their latest innovations. Guests had the chance to test-drive cars such as the Tesla Model 3, BMW i8 and the Range Rover Hybrid. To top it all off, attendees were treated to an exclusive UK preview of the iconic new Mini Electric.

The focus on going green extended beyond just cars. Some of the latest innovations in electric vans, motorbikes and bicycles were made available for guests to try out. There was even the opportunity to test drive John Deere’s Electric Gator!

Electric van and bike

Innovative organisations from around the region

Co-hosts, Lovewell Blake LLP presented the tax advantages to developing and implementing a Green Agenda for the attendees. Other exhibitors included:

  • Ren Energy’s solar Car Ports
  • Haven Power’s Green Electricity
  • Save Money Cut Carbon Consultants with demonstrations on how businesses can develop to be greener and more sustainable.
  • Bee Anglia who provided advice on available governmental grants.

Ren Energy

SaxonAir demonstrated to guests how they have led the way through innovation and taken proactive steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their business. Guests took advantage of the first-class events catering facilities and unique location made available by SaxonAir.

‘It was fantastic to host an event that brought together so many like-minded businesses, striving to deliver on a greener agenda. Having the opportunity to once again showcase our unique events facilities, our catering capability and all that we have to offer, in conjunction with the installation of our new car charging points made this event a perfect fit for us.’John Dewing, Facilities Manager

The event was a big success. It helped drive home how even small changes made by businesses across the region can have a significant impact on the environment. ‘Driving Business Green’ sets a great example for other businesses to follow.

SaxonAir Team

For further information on Home, Work and Public EV charging points visit or to secure an invitation or exhibition stand at next year’s Driving Business Green event please contact call 01986 894878.


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