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What we do

Saxon Air offers a range of integrated aviation services, including flying clients by helicopter and business jet to a huge range of destinations in the UK, Europe – and worldwide. We work flexibly because, unlike many companies that deliver similar services, we are able to use our own versatile fleet of aircraft. We can extend our on-fleet offer by brokering flights via our trusted partner operators, and in turn, the aircraft we manage are regularly commissioned by some of the UK’s leading flight brokerage companies. Beyond charter flights, our core services comprise running two flight support operations at Norwich Airport, and an aircraft management offer that optimises asset viability as well as removing the administrative burden of jet or helicopter ownership. At Saxon Air we know aviation inside out, solving problems and enhancing value across a range of different areas.

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What we do in Norwich

Our headquarters is at Norwich Airport, a building from which we offer a range of services including flight support – both to visiting aircraft and offshore transportation companies. Although our company offices are in Norfolk, we have satellite offices for client meetings, etc. at London Stansted Airport and London Biggin Hill. And day to day, with many of our fleet aircraft being based at different airfields around London, the capital is often our operational centre of gravity.

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Our approach

The services we offer are safe, efficient and competitively priced, but they are not unique – what earns the loyalty of our regular clients is the way Saxon Air do business. All our teams work hard to deliver the kind of discreet and efficient services that any business aviation client should expect, but we pride ourselves on doing so in a way that is polite, friendly and straightforward. We focus more on building relationships than on transaction, and understand that although our customers value excellence, they will also value being dealt with – and remembered – as individuals.

‘I’ve used Saxon Air for a number of years, and have always found their team to be extremely helpful and accommodating – and their pricing structure competitive.’

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Company history

Saxon Air was established in 2007, starting out with only five staff, one helicopter and one jet, and an ambition to provide flexible, convenient and cost-effective business flights and associated support services.

The company was bought by Klyne Aviation Group in 2009, and under new ownership was able to invest in not only building a larger aircraft fleet but also in more knowledgeable, skilled staff. Within a year, Saxon Air was awarded a contract as the preferred handling agent at Norwich Airport – one that was renewed in 2020 for a five-year term. This endorsement enabled the company to undertake the development of a purpose-built premises at the airport that combined office space, hangars and two standalone terminals: the multi-million-pound Business Aviation Centre, which was completed in May 2011. In the decade or so since then, the company has continued to expand and to diversify its services – and relies on a dedicated staff team that now comprises over 50 people.


From piloting and ground operations to account management and catering: business aviation offers an exciting range of career pathways. At Saxon Air we are very focused on staff development, and ensure we offer people opportunities to work out which role is right for them.

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Our partners

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Jet in the blue sky with clouds

Like any responsible company, Saxon Air is actively engaged in trying to achieve its Net Zero targets. But we are not only focused on practical, can-do solutions for helping mitigate the company’s environmental impacts – we are also working to support impetus on sustainability initiatives beyond our own company and industry.

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