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Our management service handles the workload generated by operating your own jet or helicopter, leaving you to enjoy using your aircraft – and the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are working to keep it optimised as a commercial asset.

What we offer

Our aircraft management service offers a bespoke means of getting the very best out of aircraft ownership, with a suite of specialist services meaning your aircraft not only runs safely and efficiently but its commercial value also remains optimised over time. Able to work with individuals, investors or a company, and with helicopters or jets based anywhere in the UK (including the Isle of Man), Europe or beyond, Saxon Air offers a menu of management options in the areas of operational support (flight planning, landing permissions, crew recruitment, etc.), administrative control (accounting, budgeting, insurance, etc.) and oversight on maintenance and regulatory compliance. Our specialist team can also help owners offset operational costs (as well as gain tax-saving benefits) by enabling their aircraft to generate revenue as part of Saxon Air’s charter fleet. Despite keeping your helicopter or jet busy on your behalf, if we manage your aircraft on-fleet, we make sure we don’t compromise its availability to you when you need it.

Aircraft acquisition

Becoming the owner of a helicopter or jet represents a considerable investment, so your choice of aircraft needs to be one that will best serve your particular needs over the long term. Our specialist experience as both an aircraft owner and charter operator means we are perfectly placed to help you assess what the best fit might be, not only from an aviation point of view but also in terms of financial viability. Relying on our knowledge of and standing in the industry, we can then source the right aircraft (whether pre-owned or factory new) on your behalf. We can also, on request, help secure buyers for any suitable aircraft that a client may have to sell – and we sometimes offer ex-fleet helicopters or jets for sale ourselves.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

Whether they are used for commercial or non-scheduled transport, all aircraft are subject to a range of strict safety and regulatory controls. Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) is a framework of different protocols that ensures not only that an aircraft is safe but that it can also achieve better dispatch reliability and reduce overall operating costs. Saxon Air is authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority to run in-house CAM assessments for our owners’ aircraft, and to issue Airworthiness Certificates (effectively, a helicopter or jet’s permit to fly). Our specialist team is also able to both coordinate and grant approval on other vital safety- and efficiency-related work, including for aircraft registered in the Isle of Man.

‘Owning an aircraft has been invaluable in maximising my time, helping me balance a busy work schedule with quality family life. Saxon Air have enabled me to operate my aircraft without any of the worries – and have always delivered a professional and cost-effective service, even when there have been short-notice changes to my schedule.’

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Like any responsible company, Saxon Air is actively engaged in trying to achieve its Net Zero targets. But we are not only focused on practical, can-do solutions for helping mitigate the company’s environmental impacts – we are also working to support impetus on sustainability initiatives beyond our own company and industry.

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