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Aviation charter company leads the way in ‘Clearing the Air’ around carbon emissions

Over-running roadworks on South Park Avenue in Norwich could be producing the same volume of emissions as an entire year’s worth of private charter flights in 2019, says SaxonAir CEO Alex Durand. The Charter Operator’s carbon emissions were equal* to roadworks over-running by just one month.

In fact, aviation accounts for just 12% of transport emissions, in comparison to by-road travel that accounts for a whopping 74%**, Durand revealed at today’s sustainability event, Clearing the Air, held at the airport.

But, he says, businesses must work together to collectively reduce carbon emissions rather than pointing the finger at a single industry.

“It’s a complex issue, and we are often painted as the bad guys. People tend to think we fly ‘fat cats’ around and operate dirty aircraft. In reality we fly wealth creators trying to make a positive difference, but outside you can also see aircraft undertaking wildlife research around windfarms. There is a kaleidoscope of aviation activity in the industry going on that shouldn’t be oversimplified, including air ambulances and anti-poaching activity.”

SaxonAir has laid out sustainability strategies to address their carbon footprint, with a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Already, the company have mapped out their emissions and worked with industry to find common standards, including directly offsetting their emissions by working with tree-planters Gone West.

The private charter company say they don’t claim to be a picture-perfect example of sustainability, but rather want to help other businesses address ways they can begin to chip away at a collective issue many companies and organisations must address together in face of ambitious Government goals to reach Net Zero by 2050.

Aviation in particular is a leading industry when it comes to innovation in reaching carbon neutrality.

Ground-breaking technology is already well underway within the aviation industry, an example of which was present at SaxonAir’s Clearing the Air event.

NEBO Air, the world’s first Zero Emissions air service and one of the charter company’s partners, showcased their pioneering Velis Electro at the event.

Just a few days prior to the event, the company undertook their inaugural fully-electric flight from London to Norwich.

NEBO Air Marketing and PR Director, Celeste Goschen, said: “Clearing the Air event, hosted by Saxon Air, is the perfect opportunity for us to partner with local businesses who are developing along the same pathway to a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

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