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SaxonAir Announce Wild Weekend Event in Partnership with Explorers Against Extinction

Wild Weekend

in partnership with SaxonAir and Explorers Against Extinction

B2B Nature Networking
Friday 27 May, 11am – 3pm

This networking event with a twist explores the positive contribution of aviation to sustainability and the environment, with guest speakers Nuncats on electric aviation, Centaurea all things Beekeeping, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce and their Business Climate Leaders network and Chet Vineyard on sustainable wine growing in Norfolk!

We will be offering live demonstrations with Animals Saving Animals and the amazing work of the anti-poaching dogs, the latest innovations in electric aircraft and road transport, and the opportunity to discover what practical steps you and your business can take on the road to net zero.

Plus, you can snap up some delicious vegan curry from Khushee Street food or grab something refreshing from our pop-up vendors.

Speakers Agenda

11:00 – Introduction – Alex, Rebekah, Rob & Sarah

11:30 – live feed Mr B – Bees (Time TBC)

12:00 – Wine company, sustainable wine growing (Time TBC)

12:30 – Dog Display / Talk?

13:00 – Wilderly (TBC)

13:00 – Nuncats – Electric Aircraft

14:00 – BCL – future planning towards Net zero


  • Nuncats
  • Nebo Air
  • Wilderley
  • Animals Saving Animals
  • Centaurea (Professor Michael Thick)
  • Porsche
  • Barclays Eagle Labs?
  • BEE ANGLIA / Carbon Charter
  • ChetVineYard
  • Khushee Street Food
  • Greenr
  • BCL – Business Climate Leaders
  • Wild East
  • Tiger Moth
  • 1933 Bentley
  • 1973 Land Rover with Tropical Roof

Click the link below to book your free ticket(s) – everyone welcome!

Ready to ReWild

Saturday 28 May, 9am – 1pm

Rewild. Restore.Reconnect.

Join us at the airport with all the family this half term for a special environment-focused event with home-grown conservation charity Explorers Against Extinction.

The open morning, hosted in a hangar on the edge of the airfield by private charter airline, SaxonAir, is an opportunity to find out more about aviation’s role in conservation, and to see what aviation’s sustainable future might look like.

Find out about the Norwich Airport bees and ‘throw and grow’ in the SaxonAir pollinator garden, learn about the role of anti-poaching dogs, and their relationship with SaxonAir, have a go in the simulator, sit in a helicopter, see a 1930s Tiger Moth and a range of cutting-edge electric vehicles including a Porsche Taycan.

Hear from expert guests on how to get involved in rewilding right here in Norfolk, and enjoy the many fun attractions and exhibits.

  • Entry is free
  • Refreshments will be available to purchase
  • All proceeds support the Explorers Against Extinction Project Fund

Let Your Hair Down in the Hangar

Saturday 28 May, 7pm – 11.45pm

Come and enjoy dinner and dancing in the SaxonAir hangar at Norwich Airport for an evening of fundraising with a travel twist!

  • Start with a sundowner
  • Transport yourself to the Ancient Spice Route with a visit to our Vintage Land Rover gin bar for an Opihr G&T.
  • Enjoy a street food supper, with a backdrop of iconic floodlit vehicles charting the history of travel, ranging from a Tiger Moth to a cutting-edge electric aircraft.
  • Dance the night away to the Debbie Boyd Band.

Tickets include sundowner reception drink, street food supper with wine, live band, an Explorer Quiz, fundraising auction, simulator experience and other activities and attractions.

Tickets strictly limited |  Dress to Party

Tickets per person £55 | Table for 10 guests £500 |Table for 6 guests £300

**We also have a couple of tables reserved at a special rate for students in full-time education – a table for 10 students is £350**

Free Parking for hybrid & electric vehicles at the Saxon Air Hangar.

Please note: once your booking is confirmed you will be asked to pre-order from our street food menu. There is also an opportunity to pre-order additional wine for your table at the same time.


  • A selection of appetisers
  • Indian or Sri Lankan Street Food from our street food trucks
  • Dessert by Bakeaholics UK

A Flying Start for Norwich Students

This summer students at the Norwich International Aviation Academy (IAA) will be among the first in the country to learn about electric flight. At Norwich Airport, they will get the chance to build the first ever British electric light aircraft.
The plane will be based on a prototype which has been built by NUNCATS, at their base at Old Buckenham Airfield, where it is being prepared now for test flights.

The project is a new partnership: NUNCATS provide the design and specialist support; the IAA at Norwich City College will provide the students; and NORSE and Saxon Air Flight Support will provide workshop and airside space for building and testing at the airport.
The project is the idea of Tim Bridge, a founder, and Engineering Director of NUNCATS, who said:

“This is a great step forward for sustainable, economical electric flight, as well as for the careers of the students. In the longer term we hope programs like this will allow many more affordable light aircraft to be built in the UK and around the world.”

Norse Group Aviation Academy Manager, Alan Rampling, said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get hands on experience, assembling, functionally testing, and witnessing their aircraft being flight tested. This zero-emissions aircraft project has already been a catalyst in bringing local aviation expertise to the academy. The aim will be to development a ‘centre of excellence’ in electric aircraft training, ensuring the region is at the forefront of green technology in aviation’.”

Alex Durand, SaxonAir CEO comments:

“We’re delighted to support an initiative which electrifies aviation as well as aircraft engineering careers”.

Saxon Air are also planning to instal a solar powered charging station at Norwich Airport, based on the system already operating at Old Buckenham. This will allow the aircraft to charge independently of the electricity grid, using only solar energy. NUNCATS are developing similar charging stations around the country to allow longer flights.

There is worldwide interest in low carbon flight, and a range of firms are experimenting with electric aircraft. But most focus on expensive, high-end designs. The NUNCATS plane is different: designed to be cheap and simple, for use by aid agencies in the developing world and by hobby flyers.

The company’s name explains its principles – No Unnecessary Novelty Community Air Transport System (NUNCATS). Rather than design something entirely new and untried, they are putting together a set of components – a kit form airframe, electric motor, batteries, and charging equipment – all of them already in use for other purposes. This speeds development time and reduces costs. As a Community Interest Company, they will plough back all profits into development and keeping the price down for aid agencies, and medical and rescue agencies in the developing world.

The International Aviation Academy trains young engineers to work on conventional big commercial aircraft. But electric power is likely to play a major part in aviation in the future. This project, a British first, gives young people in Norfolk a chance to start their careers, not only building a real plane, but to get in on the ground of the technology of the future.

SaxonAir Adds to Business Jet and Helicopter Charter Fleet

Focuses on green initiatives

SaxonAir, the Norwich and London-based air charter operator, has ushered in 2022 welcoming four light business jets – two new on the UK G-register and a permanent London Biggin Hill Airport presence, supported by Sovereign Business Jets. In December it ordered a new Leonardo AW109SP Grand New helicopter, via UK distributor Sloane Helicopters, complementing three new AW119s, the first of its type to be registered in the UK when it joined SaxonAir’s rotary fleet last April.

“We are very pleased with these achievements,” reflects Alex Durand, CEO, who 12 months ago questioned whether independent, smaller UK charter companies would be negatively impacted as they grappled with restrictions and burdensome administration thanks to Brexit. “A year on we have got through it and emerged with renewed vigour,” he said.

By way of celebration the company brought its latest charter fleet – including a Learjet 45 (G-OSRL), Learjet 40 (G-UXLA); Learjet 75 (G-USHA) and Cessna Citation CJ1 (G-COBN), plus one of two Embraer Phenom 300s (G-KRBN) to Biggin Hill Airport on 1st February to showcase to charter brokers and industry guests.

“Brexit may have been challenging, but the pandemic also saw business aviation emerge as hero – getting people home when the airlines stopped, enabling commerce to continue. We can confidently write our own narrative now,” Alex added.

The resilience of the sector was especially evident in the light jet sector, where SaxonAir is active. This category has seen the biggest growth in charter, up 30% from the pre-pandemic winter period and bolstered by newcomers to business aviation.

Greening up

These past 12 months SaxonAir has explored ways to reduce its carbon footprint, with the environment front and centre on everyone’s agenda. “It makes me proud, as deputy chair of the British Business General Aviation Association, that GA is leading the way in the electrification of aircraft,” Alex added.

In 2021 SaxonAir embarked on a rigorous programme to upgrade (and make greener) its Klyne Business Aviation Centre HQ at Norwich Airport, including introducing electric car charging points and a lift-sharing scheme for its 50-plus employees. It teamed with emissions partner Gone West to plant trees in the UK for every business jet and helicopter flight operated.

This initiative helped at-risk youths engaged to work as tree planters through Gone West’s Acorns to Oaks programme, in partnership with The Prince’s Trust. “With the help of Gone West we know how many trees to need to plan to offset our carbon emissions,” said Alex.

SaxonAir also endorses NEBO Air. Based in Beccles, Suffolk, it has ambitions to be the world’s first sustainable, cost-effective micro ‘airline’ with zero CO2 emissions using the newly UK certificated all-electric Pipistrel Velis aircraft. Sergei Gratchev, NEBO Air’s Founder highlights that airfields across the UK and Europe are “sending letters of intent wishing to join the project and enhance our network.” This builds momentum to create a web of electric aircraft charging facilities throughout the UK and beyond.

Improving security through AvioNexus

SaxonAir has also focused on how advances in digital technology could enhance its business and maximise security. This led to an investment in Make Tech Fly’s signature product AvioNexus (a Software as a Service Saas) web application. Now used regularly by SaxonAir’s flight department – fixed wing and helicopters – AvioNexus enables all parties in the flight management process (working off mobile devices or desktops) to communicate via the platform. SaxonAir benefits from real time updates and data exchange. Employing bank level cybersecurity, it manages every aspect of the trip – including selected catering, the uploading of passenger information and parking requests at FBOs. AvioNexus handles all the security pre FBO visits, including photo ID.

AvioNexus was developed by Managing Director Andrew Douglas, responding to a lack of software with such services. Andrew has worked at the sharp end of business aviation for 15 years with Air Advantage and Pretium Jet Charter. The system focuses on three core values – Security, Simplicity and Visibility. Developed in 2020 by a team of coders and designers in Scotland, subscriptions to the software are offered on a monthly basis for users and/or an annual subscription.

Kerry Wilmot
“Aviation can do better and can be greener!” SaxonAir lead the way

A quiet revolution is taking place in not-so-sleepy Norfolk, England. Aviation, an industry that is rarely paired positively with the words ‘clean energy’, is going green.

Norfolk’s Charter Operator service, SaxonAir, is at the heart of it all. Alex Durand, the company’s CEO, is taking an industry lead, overseeing drastic action at the facility andworking with staff to minimise the operation’s carbon footprint. Having undergone a rigorous programme to upgrade the building and educate its 50+ staff on greener practices, including investment into day-to-day running and even keeping bees, the company is aiming to be a trailblazer in the industry and well on its way to meeting its ambitious targets to be carbon neutral by 2025.

From having initially found the industry reticent to address some of the negative media surrounding the industry, Durand recently spoke at SaxonAir’s ‘Clearing the Air’ event to highlight and debunk notorious misconceptions surrounding aviation. In particular, he drew comparison to over running road works that, after just one-month, equal to SaxonAir’s entire 2019 carbon emission output. Read more

Aviation charter company leads the way in ‘Clearing the Air’ around carbon emissions
Aviation charter company leads the way in ‘Clearing the Air’ around carbon emissions

Over-running roadworks on South Park Avenue in Norwich could be producing the same volume of emissions as an entire year’s worth of private charter flights in 2019, says SaxonAir CEO Alex Durand. The Charter Operator’s carbon emissions were equal* to roadworks over-running by just one month.

In fact, aviation accounts for just 12% of transport emissions, in comparison to by-road travel that accounts for a whopping 74%**, Durand revealed at today’s sustainability event, Clearing the Air, held at the airport.

But, he says, businesses must work together to collectively reduce carbon emissions rather than pointing the finger at a single industry.

Read more

Free to attend event will help businesses tackle the climate crisis as aviation charter company ‘Clear the Air’ around sustainability
Free to attend event will help businesses tackle the climate crisis as aviation charter company ‘Clear the Air’ around sustainability

Within the next three decades, sustainable practices will become second nature to us all, not only as a nation but across the globe as we strive to cut emissions to net zero by 2050. A recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report explicitly places the responsibility for the rise in annual temperatures on human activity and warns that we must act now to address the impacts of global warming.

Read more

Klyne Aviation Centre; a facility with a multitude of offerings!

Klyne Aviation Centre welcomes another tenant to the building, cementing its offering as an aviation and offshore hub. Swift TG Maintenance, a company that specialises in the continued airworthiness and maintenance of light aircraft, join tenants such as NHV and CHC Helicopters, ONE-Dyas, a Dutch gas operator and FurtherMore Marketing, an agency known for its work within the offshore sector and Glennair an industry training company.

Swift TG Maintenance is part of the Swift Technology Group that also tenants at the former Coltishall RAF base, known now as Scottow Enterprise Park, bringing with them experience across a wide range of sectors including; Aeronautical, Marine, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy industries. Their diverse range of state-of-the-art technologies deliver advanced solutions taking a complete end-to-end approach.

The new tenants join Klyne Aviation Centre in a time of change. The local aviation company has strategically navigated Covid-19, having seen a huge decrease in unscheduled flights by investing in both its offshore offering and the facility itself. Embracing modern technologies, the ambition is for the Norwich based facility to become completely carbon neutral.

The facility has undergone many changes with more still to come, electric car charging points have been installed, along with a new lighting system in both hangars, a liftshare scheme for workers, along with the promotion of multiple new in-house green policies.

Klyne Aviation Centre is headed up by Alex Durand who has worked hard to push the new green agenda, especially within the aviation sector naturally known for its Co2 emissions rather than celebrated for its ecological approach.

“With Covid-19 impacting our typical day-to-day operations this year has provided a time for reflection and re-focus within our business. Whilst there have been many challenges, we have had time to further implement many ideas for a diverse business offering including our tenancy offering, which we feel is growing a community of like-minded business offering complimentary services across similar sectors. In addition, our commitment to becoming carbon neutral has been able to take centre stage and progress much more quickly than we had anticipated. So, whilst we relish getting back to a more typical day-to-day it will be so with the addition of lots of exciting new activity here at SaxonAir.”

Alex Durand, CEO SaxonAir


Important COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Information

With the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we want to assure our partners, clients and passengers that we are monitoring the situation closely. At this moment in time, we are operating as normal whilst taking necessary measures to implement increased health and sanitary standards (which meet the latest version of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s information bulletin – 2020-02R2 Coronavirus ‘SARS-CoV-2’ Infections – Operational Recommendations).

We are staying up to date with announcements and advice from the World Health Organisation, and have included some easy-to-follow yet important health and sanitary advice from the WHO below.

Our staff have been provided with an Information for Airport Workers booklet from Public Health England which you can download here.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us at or phone our team on 01603 518 119.



Barclays Eagle Labs & SaxonAir Showcase

SaxonAir and Barclays have teamed up for the second year running to offer premier customers an experience that can’t be bought. SaxonAir’s hangar was the perfect venue to team up with Stratton Motor Company and P&A Wood’s Rolls Royce to offer guests the opportunity to test-drive a range of high-end motors, from Lotuses and Bentleys through to Rolls-Royce’s new all-wheel-drive vehicle and of course, a selection of private jets for guests to explore. There were several keynote speakers and a range of world-inspired canapés for guests to sample throughout the evening.

Once again SaxonAir has shown itself not only as a major player in non-scheduled aviation travel but also a centre of excellence offering the highest standard of conferencing and catering services for local and global businesses looking to offer something a little bit more special.

These events increasingly attract SaxonAir partners such as the Maids Head, a local hotel as well as Factor, a bespoke road bike company. Facilities Manager John Dewing said;

‘It’s wonderful to see the local community increasingly engaging with SaxonAir. It provides us with the opportunity to showcase our facility and all the exciting services we have to offer.’


The Red Arrows hit bullseye at SaxonAir HQ

It’s that time of year again!

It always excites us to host the Red Arrows but this year more than most as they are gracing us with their presence, not once… But twice!

On July 20th and August 24th– 25th SaxonAir have the pleasure of hosting the Red Arrows as they use our facilities for commuting to numerous air shows over these periods.

We love hosting the red’s, and to be honest we’re continually flattered by their love of our HQ here at the Klyne Business Aviation Centre.

Being a company of aviation geeks, lovers and enthusiasts it’s also rather exciting knowing we have some of the best fighter jet pilots in the world sat in our lounge!

So if you are local to our HQ in Norwich, keep your eyes peeled this Thursday for some pretty exciting skyline activity over Norfolk…

The weather is set to be fine and dry (but we are talking about British weather, with 4 days to go!) So we expect to see a few friendly faces along the perimeter of the Klyne Business Aviation Centre too.

4 days and counting…. Not that we’re excited….

SaxonAir Silver Sponsor for BACA EBACE networking drinks reception

Join us in Geneva for the 2017 BACA EBACE networking reception.

Mon 22 May 2017

18:00-20:00 at Mr Pickwick, 80 Rue Lausanne, Geneva

Event Sponsor – SaxonAir 

This year there are not only free drinks but also hot buffet food, making this the perfect event to attend during the time between the exhibition and the evening parties!

EBACE brings together thousands of business aviation professionals from Europe and around the world for three critical days, from Monday 22 May to Wednesday 24 May, at Geneva’s magnificent Palexpo.


SaxonAir take delivery of the stunning Embraer Legacy 500

London Stansted Airport, United Kingdom, 23rd February 2017 – SaxonAir is delighted to announce the addition of one of the most advanced super midsized business jets to its extensive fleet, after taking delivery of the brand-new Embraer Legacy 500, G-SUEJ.

Powered by the state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite, the Legacy 500 is the first aircraft in its category to feature digital flight controls based on Fly-By-Wire technology. The system is further bolstered with graphical flight planning, auto brakes and Synthetic Vision.

G-SUEJ is the first Legacy 500 to be based in London and SaxonAir chief executive officer, Alex Durand, believes that the aircraft’s class-leading performance and comfort qualities has established a luxurious niche for its customers departing from the nation’s capital.

He said: “The Legacy 500’s capability to take-off from shorter airfields establishes a tremendous opportunity for our customers to travel from airports closer to their destination such as London City Airport, which is notoriously problematic for many other aircraft in its category to operate from.

“Combine this with the aircraft’s ability to fly over 3,000 nautical miles and reach destinations such as Dubai non-stop, the Legacy 500 will facilitate the requirements of practically any business or leisure customer.”

Passengers who travel on G-SUEJ will experience a fully-equipped wet galley and the latest in cabin connectivity – including WIFI, SatPhone and a high-definition inflight entertainment, displayed on multiple 19” full HD screens with individual touchscreen and wireless iPad/iPhone controls.

The Legacy 500’s 6 ft. tall and 6 ft. 10 in. wide cabin is amongst the largest in its class and its 110 cubic feet of main baggage capacity, complemented by a generous inflight-accessible baggage compartment and cabin stowage space, enables travellers to carry additional luggage for longer journeys.

“The addition of the Legacy 500 and its exceptional qualities to our already versatile fleet demonstrates our commitment and ability to deliver the most modern, advanced and luxurious experience for our customers,” continued Durand.

“With its functionality to berth its six club seats and spacious divan into four beds for longer journeys, the Legacy 500 will deliver a complete solution to our customers.

“Combine this with the Legacy 500’s cabin altitude of just 6,000 feet at high altitude and reputation as a leading player for exceptionally low cabin noise, our customers will arrive at their destination feeling increasingly refreshed.”

Additional to its impressive capabilities, the Legacy 500 wowed the aviation industry last November after it set a new benchmark for reaching continental and transoceanic routes in record time, thanks to its two Honeywell HTF7500E engines, the greenest in their class.

To learn more about SaxonAir’s new Embraer Legacy 500, please visit

SaxonAir’s new Embraer Legacy 500 can be booked for charter by contacting its dedicated sales team by telephone on +44 (0) 1603 518 118 or via email at

Brand new Legacy 500 available from SaxonAir for flights in 2017

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of another brand new Embraer aircraft onto the SaxonAir fleet. The 10 seat ‘super midsize’ Legacy 500 is now in the UK after being flown over from the factory in Brazil and is available for quote requests now! If you have any specific questions regarding the aircraft please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to find out more.

  • 3,125nm range
  • Ultra quiet cabin
  • High speed cruise mach 0.82
  • Vacuum lavatory with cabin window
  • Ovation cabin management system
  • iPad/iPhone control connectivity
  • 155 cubic feet baggage space
  • Fly-by-wire technology



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