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Catering to everyone from trainee pilots to executives flying abroad on business, our flight support service at Norwich Airport blends bespoke facilities, friendly professionalism and can-do logistical expertise.

What we offer

Based at Norwich Airport in Norfolk, our expert flight support team runs twin ground handling services, one tailored to the needs of a range of business aviation clients, another to offshore transportation companies. Able to deal with anything from two-seater helicopters and small fixed-wing aircraft to 45-tonne jets, Saxon Air is Norwich Airport’s preferred handling agent for all non-scheduled flights – a licence that relies on our maintaining consistently high professional standards.

Our flight support and handling facilities are based in the Business Aviation Centre, a building located away from the airport’s main terminal, and with its own VIP and general parking. As well as a series of offices, this modern, purpose-built space houses facilities for use by anyone flying non-scheduled in or out of Norwich, including a large hangar, as well as a second terminal and two additional hangars dedicated to our offshore support service. These excellent FBO facilities are matched by our team’s expert logistical knowledge – as a flight operator running our own busy fleet, we can anticipate as well as serve the needs of a wide range of clients and aircraft.

Where we are

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Our standalone terminal

Saxon Air’s terminal at the Business Aviation Centre enables a frictionless experience of flying in or out of Norwich Airport. Whether you are a business executive, an aircraft owner in Norfolk for a day’s sightseeing or a trainee pilot doing circuits and landings, our team will offer you the same warm welcome. Our modern facilities comprise a quiet, comfortable lounge with free WiFi and refreshments, as well as dedicated work areas and meeting rooms. In addition, we can create bespoke in-flight meals on site, and can also arrange drivers and cars to and from the airport. For pilots, we can provide meteorological data and NOTAMS on request, as well as the use of a briefing room.

Aircraft handling facilities

Our aviation expertise means we are able to look after aircraft of many different types and sizes, ranging from small helicopters and light aircraft through to executive helicopters and large, long-range jets. We offer all standard FBO handling services: marshalling, towing, fuelling and over-night hangarage for security and/or bad weather. Our flight support facilities are open from 5am to 8.30pm (later on request), 7 days a week (we are only closed on Christmas Day).

Offshore flight support

We are proud to provide flight support services to two of the three companies that carry both personnel and freight to rigs in the Southern North Sea (CHC and NHV Group) – and currently have additional untapped capacity. Our significant investment in a tailored terminal (designed to quickly process high numbers of offshore crew) and two dedicated hangar spaces, as well as bespoke logistical systems and crew facilities, means the service we offer is both highly efficient and extremely safe, even when the schedule is at its busiest.


Our modern, heated and well-equipped hangar space at Norwich Airport is available for both long- and short-term rental – and is suitable for aircraft up to the scale of a mid-sized business jet.

‘Everybody at Saxon Air is so helpful and pleasant, it’s a delight to fly in and out of Norwich – we feel like we’ve known them all forever!’

Aircraft owner


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Like any responsible company, Saxon Air is actively engaged in trying to achieve its Net Zero targets. But we are not only focused on practical, can-do solutions for helping mitigate the company’s environmental impacts – we are also working to support impetus on sustainability initiatives beyond our own company and industry.

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