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Free to attend event will help businesses tackle the climate crisis as aviation charter company ‘Clear the Air’ around sustainability

Within the next three decades, sustainable practices will become second nature to us all, not only as a nation but across the globe as we strive to cut emissions to net zero by 2050. A recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report explicitly places the responsibility for the rise in annual temperatures on human activity and warns that we must act now to address the impacts of global warming.

Already, many businesses have requirements to implement sustainable business practices and demonstrate to their customers that sustainability is a priority within their operations with many companies scoring potential suppliers on this important aspect when awarding tenders for major projects.

SaxonAir’s “Clearing the Air” event seeks to bring local businesses together and inspire them to innovate, connect and collaborate on their sustainability goals and climate change at large. The focus of the event will be around activity that meets reduce, reuse and repair objectives. There will be designated areas within the event space where various exhibitors will be showcasing and demonstrating their products in relation to each ‘R’ and how businesses can take ideas away and apply them to their own operations.

Hosts SaxonAir have already implemented many of their own sustainable business practices, with more in the pipeline. The aviation industry often comes under fire for its contribution to the climate emergency, but in reality contributes only 2% to global annual carbon emissions and is continuing to meet reduction targets set in 2009. It also innovates in carbon reduction and zero emission technologies, and SaxonAir are committed to reducing their carbon impact and taking responsibility for their contributions to climate change, having targeted being carbon neutral by 2025.

The journey has been a challenging one for the aviation charter company, who say access to resources hasn’t always been easy: “We are committed to a sustainable future for aviation and beyond and the IPCC report cements this for us. Our ambitious sustainability goals keep us motivated, but accessing the resources needed to support these goals has often been difficult and sometimes confusing,” said Rebekah Hill, Wellbeing and Sustainability Manager at SaxonAir.

“Because of the barriers we’ve faced in gaining access to resources, we want to make it as easy as possible for other businesses, particularly those small businesses who have limited resources, to find the help and guidance they need to commit to a sustainable future.”

“Climate change affects us all – we’re all in this together! So, it’s important that we help each other to reduce our carbon emissions and prioritise sustainable operations. By doing so in a networking event style, we can connect local businesses and facilitate the sharing of best practice and innovative ideas, with the added benefit of being able to network for the first time in what feels like forever!”

To keep the event as accessible as possible, it will be free to attend. Registration can be completed at:




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