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Flying by helicopter not only saves you time but also offers you secure point-to-point travel to and from a hugely expanded range of locations, including small airfields and sites that are privately owned.

What we offer

As one of only a handful of UK-based helicopter operators with aircraft stationed inside the M25 (at Denham Aerodrome in Uxbridge), Saxon Air is perfectly positioned to offer flights into and out of London. Our experienced pilots also fly clients to other cities and destinations throughout the country, as well as in Northern Europe, with regular charters to Paris and Amsterdam. We are the only aviation company to have corporate helicopters based in Norfolk – with charter flights into or out of East Anglia being one of the range of services we offer at Norwich Airport.

Services we offer at Norwich International Airport

Broker services

When necessary, we can ensure delivery of your travel plans by brokering flights on your behalf, securing you the right aircraft from our trusted partner operators. Our standing in the industry, as well as our range of managed aircraft, means that, in turn, we are a trusted choice for some of the UK’s leading flight brokerage companies. This network of professional connections, built over 20 years in the business, means that we are not only able to offer you both exceptional delivery – even at short notice – but that we can also be competitive on price.

Our fleet

As an operator with its own fleet of helicopters (a mixture of our own and managed aircraft), we can offer a lot more flexibility than intermediary companies that have to rely on the availability of aircraft they don’t control. Our aircraft are all latest-edition models – including the Agusta AW109, the Agusta AW119 and the Airbus ACH125 – and can be made available at a diverse range of departure locations. Our helicopter charter team can help you assess which aircraft is the best match for your plans, and provide specification summaries on request.

Empty legs

Want to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce the cost of travel by helicopter?

If you can be flexible, we can offer you significant savings on ‘empty leg’ flights: those for which a helicopter would otherwise be empty when flying to its next destination. If one of our empty legs flights is heading somewhere near the place you want to get to, it can help you shave hours off your existing travel plans – or even give you the incentive to make new ones.

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Why Saxon Air?


We use only latest-edition aircraft, and rely only on highly experienced pilots, who are all either ex-military or current/former flight instructors.


Having a skilled logistics team and running our own fleet means we can rise to any challenge, even at short notice – we are experts in making problems go away.


Our pilots and operational and office teams are all friendly yet discrete; we know you need to be able to rely on us not discussing where and with whom we are flying.


We put a lot more emphasis on relationships than transactions, and are proud to have a large number of regular clients – people our teams both like and understand.

‘Saxon Air are my number one go-to for helicopters – nothing is too much trouble. Both their sales team and crew are exceptional.’

Flight broker

Discovery flights

Want to combine sampling travel by helicopter with seeing or doing something equally special? Flying out of Norwich Airport, we can offer you unforgettable views over the North Norfolk coast or the Norfolk Broads, or fly you to and from one of the region’s most memorable restaurants. For an informal conversation about the options, please contact our helicopter charter team; prices from £650 per charter.

Special projects

We have been offering helicopters as the ‘eye in the sky’ of survey projects for over a decade, and can fly to territory anywhere in the UK and into Northern Europe; previous clients include the Department of Food and Rural Agriculture, and Statkraft, a renewable energy company. Our helicopters can also help achieve other kinds of logistical objectives; for example, Saxon Air was contracted to provide emergency transportation by helicopter for key workers and equipment during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, having been awarded an ‘Aid to Civil Authority’ contract by the UK government’s Cabinet Office. To discuss special projects, please contact our helicopter charter team.


Jet in the blue sky with clouds

Like any responsible company, Saxon Air is actively engaged in trying to achieve its Net Zero targets. But we are not only focused on practical, can-do solutions for helping mitigate the company’s environmental impacts – we are also working to support impetus on sustainability initiatives beyond our own company and industry.

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