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SaxonAir were pleased to welcome the Minister for Aviation, Baroness Sugg to the Business Aviation Centre to give her an overview of the offshore centre of excellence and SaxonAir’s charter business

Flight Support Operations & Facilities Manager John Dewing welcomed Baroness Sugg providing a tour of the aviation facility, conference rooms, and aircraft hangars.

The minister was interested to hear about SaxonAir’s diverse aviation business, specifically looking at the challenges facing the offshore and energy sectors, which form a large part of SaxonAir Flight Support business.

SaxonAir handles over 45,000 Offshore passengers with 5,500 flights per year, 500,000kg of Offshore baggage and 26,000kg Freight Offshore – alongside 3250 Fixed wing movements not including SaxonAir’s own charter business.

Also, during the visit discussions took place on what issues are effecting our industry right now and Head of Standards Howard Barber raised the issue of night airport slot restrictions in London, the impact Brexit is having on Business Aviation and John Dewing also discussed the variation in standards for NASP movements in the UK which come into force at 10 tonnes weight limit as compared to 15 tonnes in Europe.


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