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SaxonAir joined business leaders and politicians from the East of England to join forces to press the Government for greater recognition and support for the region’s broad mix of energy resources.

Industry association EEEGR (East of England Energy Group) sponsored a Parlimentary reception to deliver the message that the East represents the richest and most diverse energy region in the UK, but needs public and private investment to achieve its potential.

East of England to play important potential role in UK energy market

Energy Minister Charles Hendry admitted concern that 90% of contracts for London Array, the world’s largest windfarm, had gone outside the UK and recognised the region’s disappointment at missing out on money granted to assisted areas. He also praised EEEGR’s role in bringing businesses and MPs together. “You epitomise everything we want to achieve in that area,” he said. “You have the drive, enthusiasm, commitment and your own energy and I have no doubt about the future role you will be playing.”

SaxonAir joined nearly 200 people attended the reception, which was hosted by Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis. EEEGR executive chairman Alan Barlow said the region’s energy assets and prospects mirrored Government demands for a balanced energy mix, one which was sustainable, affordable, secure and low carbon.

“Our region is a world leading all energy hub with, at a conservative estimate, £50bn worth of business to be won and a compelling case for investment. But Government’s subsidy support to Scotland and northern England creates an imperfect market”.

SaxonAir’s own Business Aviation Centre at Norwich Airport is due for completion in the second quarter of 2011 will operate as a hub for a variety of aviation logistic operations including offshore helicopters, private passenger charter and urgent freight movements.


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