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Private Air Charter company, SaxonAir has moved into its new £6.5m Klyne Business Aviation Centre at Norwich International Airport, consolidating their existing operations into one bespoke building and hangar space.

SaxonAir has experienced continued growth since it was established in 2007. The provision of the new Business Aviation Centre provides the ideal platform from which to further develop and improve operating efficiencies, further increasing their competitiveness in the business aviation market. It is the ideal handling facility for visiting aircraft and provides business travellers with an enviable first class facility to meet the growing demands of the local business aviation market.

The new state of the art Business Aviation Centre comprises of a three-storey administration and passenger handling facility sited between the two large aircraft hangars. SaxonAir’s fleet of private jets and VIP helicopters now occupy one of the hangars with staff located in its associated offices. The ground floor facilities include the main reception desk, VIP lounge, flight crew rest room, training facilities, conference room and offshore passenger handling facilities. Several of the first floor offices have been leased to other aviation related companies and there is considerable interest in the available remaining space on the second floor.

Purpose built offshore handling facilities

Discussions are taking place with several offshore helicopter and oil & gas operators regarding the lease of the purpose built second hangar and offshore passenger handling facilities. This includes four check-in desks, x-ray machines, seating for over 50 passengers and four briefing rooms. Outside, there are five dedicated AW139 size helicopter stands although larger helicopters can also be handled.

Colin Hancy, project manager for the new Klyne Business Aviation Centre says, “Norwich Airport is an ideal central location for offshore operations and logistic support.  With a mix of international and domestic routes and dedicated offshore helicopter operations, the airport is ideally placed for the expanding renewable energy sector as well as supporting the existing oil and gas infrastructure vital to our local economy. In my opinion the facilities are the very best available in the UK and will secure the business for both Norwich and the Airport for many years to come

Norwich as a new growth point for business

Norwich itself provides one third of Norfolk’s jobs and is the largest economy, in terms of employment, in the east of England. It has been prioritised by the government as a new Growth Point; an area for major housing and employment growth. It also has the largest cluster of financial services in the eastern region and is a major centre for creative/media industries and health and life sciences.  Other important business sectors include professional services, retailing, specialised engineering and tourism.

“The demand for business aviation has grown in popularity as a new generation of business executives prefer private aircraft charter as the fastest, easiest way to travel enabling business schedules to be performed to maximize individual time efficiency and overall company productivity” says Chris Mace, Managing Director of SaxonAir. “Our new Business Aviation Centre is a strong and visible expression of SaxonAir’s confidence in the local economy.”


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