Aircraft Charter

You control when, where and with whom you wish to fly

Chartering your own aircraft offers you complete flexibility and control over your schedule. You control when, where and with whom you wish to fly. There are no check-in queues, connections, baggage handling or delays and more importantly money saved that would have been spent on additional travel or hotel expenses. Whether for business or pleasure, private air charter offers true value when it really matters.

Private Aircraft Charter


Travel in luxury, comfort and privacy with your family and friends
More Time for Living

Our private air charter service allows you to fly from smaller airports, closer to work or home and can take you closer to your destination. You fly where you want, when you want – to your own schedule. We will ensure that you arrive relaxed and refreshed for the day ahead.

Your flight, your way

The SaxonAir team are renowned for going the extra mile to make sure that everything is precisely as you want it to be. Simply let us know what you prefer to have on board your aircraft – from books to magazines, film and music preferences, even a bottle of wine from your favourite region.

Complete Safety

Nothing is more important than feeling safe in your environment, especially when you fly. This is why all our aircraft meet stringent International European Safety Agency (EASA) standards. These regulations cover every aspect of aviation including aircraft safety checks, maintenance, insurance, and ongoing crew training. Your safety is always our priority.


With business aviation, four days can become four and a half hours

The business aviation sector plays a crucial role in supporting business, connecting industry and commerce worldwide. It offers considerable time saving benefits and has a key role in facilitating important face-to-face business deals, boosting productivity and providing a level of flexibility and responsiveness that the scheduled network cannot deliver.

Saves Time

With business aviation, four days can become four and a half hours. In addition, business aviation users can combine multiple destinations in a fraction of the time taken on the scheduled network.

Use airports airlines can't serve

SaxonAir flies you to over three times the number of airports connected by scheduled services, often using smaller regional airfields and the route selected to bring the travellers as close as possible to their final destination.


Meetings overrun, your day’s schedule can change. Business aviation has the ability to adapt to those alterations at short notice and ensure that you are in control of your schedule, rather than plan your day around the airlines.

Privacy and security

On board business meetings and conversations can be carried out without the risk of confidential information being overheard; only flying with people you know and trust.

Work en route

More space and better working facilities enable passengers to use the trip productively, with bespoke meals served on board, business aviation can ensure that you maximise your effectiveness.

Comfortable flight

Access to a full range of aircraft enables business travellers to choose the one that best suits their needs. Most private jets have larger, adjustable seats, fold down tables and space to move around during the flight.


Whether it’s a football team or a full music tour, we’ve got the skills and resources to assist you.

The SaxonAir team are experts in organising group travel using a wide range of aircraft, all around the globe. Whether it’s a football team or a full music tour, we’ve got the skills and resources to assist you.  

Sports Team Travel

Music Tours or Roadshows

Company Employee Logistics

Benefits of private group travel  

  • Exclusive use of aircraft for private celebrations or company meetings 
  • Bespoke aircraft branding, on request 
  • Specific catering will be ordered to meet group needs  
  • Fly direct to your destination, no check in or security delays 

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