Empty Legs

Empty sectors are created when we need to position an aircraft to complete its next flight or return the aircraft back to base. If we have a flight travelling in the same general direction that you would like to fly, the savings can be significant.  

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18/11/2018Fly London (FAB) to London (LTN)AMHawker 750£800  👤  8
19/11/2018Fly Edinburgh (EDI) to Glasgow (GLA)PMHawker 750£700  👤  8
20/11/2018Fly Edinburgh (EDI) to Glasgow (GLA)PMLegacy 500£800  👤  9 (+1)
20/11/2018Fly London (STN) to Cardiff (CWL)AMLegacy 500£900  👤  9 (+1)
21/11/2018Fly London (LTN) to Norwich (NWI)PMCitation Mustang£700  👤  4
21/11/2018Fly Paris (LBG) to Norwich (NWI)PMHawker 900XP£900  👤  8 (+1)
22/11/2018Fly Glasgow (GLA) to Edinburgh (EDI)AMLegacy 500£800  👤  9 (+1)
22/11/2018Fly Norwich (NWI) to London (LTN)PMHawker 750£900  👤  8
23/11/2018Fly Norwich (NWI) to Palma (PMI)PMHawker 900XP£7000  👤  8 (+1)
27/11/2018Fly Porto (OPO) to London (LTN)PMHawker 900XP£6500  👤  8 (+1)
30/11/2018Fly Nice (NCE) to Cannes (CEQ)PMHawker 900XP£2000  👤  8 (+1)
19/12/2018Fly Chambery (CMF) to London (LTN)PMHawker 750£6000  👤  8
23/12/2018Fly Inverness (INV) to Norwich (NWI)PMCitation Mustang£1700  👤  4
28/12/2018Fly Norwich (NWI) to Inverness (INV)AMCitation Mustang£1700  👤  4
30/12/2018Fly Vienna (VE) to London (STN)PMLegacy 500£8000  👤  9 (+1)

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