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Owning, operating and managing an aircraft is a time consuming task that requires a high level of responsibility, expertise and knowledge. Not every aircraft owner has the time or resources to manage the workload and we appreciate each aircraft owner’s needs are different. Geographically, the aircraft could be based anywhere in Europe and it may be that some of the resources are in place but others need to be resolved.

Whatever your aircraft operating needs, SaxonAir can help to provide the most appropriate solution for your requirements. We offer part or complete aircraft management services customised around your use of the aircraft. Both solely privately owned and operated aircraft, or aircraft being made available for commercial rent-back options are available on the SaxonAir management schemes.

gkil_port‘Aircraft ownership has been invaluable to maximise my time between busy work schedules and a quality family life. Through SaxonAir’s aircraft management service I have been able to operate my own aircraft without any of the worries of aviation regulations, pilot recruitment or landing permissions, as every flight detail was always taken care of, even down to ensuring a continuous stock of my favourite tea-bags on board. With short notice changes to my schedules the team at SaxonAir were still able to deliver a professional and cost effective service, well done.’

Graeme Kalbraier, Call Connection.


SaxonAir Aircraft Management services allow you to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership.  You can be assured that the operation of your aircraft is in good hands by providing;

  • An uncompromising approach to aircraft safety
  • Client focussed service structure
  • Experience delivered from industry leading operational & management team
  • Integrity in operation with open book accounting delivered by an organisation that also owns its own aircraft fleet
  • Providing efficiencies benefitting from being part of a larger fleet
  • Enhancing the value of your aviation asset

Specifically the management service will include;

Operational Support

  • Flight planning and dispatch
  • Organisation of overflight permits and landing permissions
  • Arrangement of handling services at destination airport
  • Organisation of passenger transport
  • Organisation of catering and on-board services
  • Slot co-ordination at destination airports
  • Crew recruitment & training
  • Insurance coverage
  • Wider fleet discount programmes

Maintenance Management

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management
  • Maintenance planning and oversight
  • Arranging for maintenance, overhaul and repair work necessary to maintain the Aircraft in an airworthy condition
  • Arranging for all necessary maintenance records and related log books and manuals to be kept in accordance with the requirements of the state of registry of the Aircraft

Administrative Control

  • All accounting and administration for the aircraft, including maintenance invoice vetting and consideration
  • Maintaining on behalf of the owner all aircraft records and logs
  • Presenting monthly analysis of flights
  • Presenting on a quarterly basis budgets showing the estimated cost of the services
  • Paying all costs and expenses in connection with the operation of the Aircraft
  • Administering insurance arrangements
  • General administration in connection with the operation of the Aircraft


Continuing Airworthiness Management is a requirement for aircraft used for private or public transport under many regulatory authorities. It is aimed at achieving better dispatch reliability, improving safety levels and reducing overall costs of operation.

We are an EASA Part M, Subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK.MG.0316), authorised to issue airworthiness review certificates (ARC).

The service can be provided for any type of aircraft following a short process to extend our capability list.  The following activities are available to you individually or as an integrated service:

  • Development and control of a suitable Maintenance Programme
  • Development and control of a suitable Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Management and approval of modification and repairs
  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance programme
  • Airworthiness Directive (AD) / Service Bulletin (SB) assessment
  • Aircraft defect / deferred defect control
  • Record / technical log control and retention
  • Establishment of appropriate maintenance contracts
  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG) service
  • Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review)


You may choose to add your aircraft to SaxonAir’s commercial charter fleet under the operation of an Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This will provide you with the flexibility and freedom to use your aircraft when you need it and in addition generate some sales revenue.

Operating your aircraft for charter during periods when you do not require its use will return considerable revenue to offset the costs of ownership.  Our charter sales team will establish a strategic marketing program specifically for your aircraft to ensure the maximum financial return while presenting the tax saving benefits of commercial operation.  We extend service excellence throughout our charter fleet with true pride in presenting your aircraft to our worldwide client base.

We specialise in blending your personal private travel requirements with the financial benefits of commercial operation in a discreet, high quality, integrated aircraft ownership experience.

By choosing SaxonAir to look after your aircraft, you are assured the very best aviation management service at all times and as an AOC holder, we are duty bound to implement high levels of safety and quality assurances and are regularly audited by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Put simply, we take care of the details so that you have time and peace of mind to enjoy the benefits in the knowledge that you, your passengers and your aircraft are in safe hands.

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